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聲の形 A Silent Voice (2016 movie)

A Silent Voice blew me away with its dynamics. The use of sound, music and volume for its scenes. This arrangement was (to me) flawless. I thought it was a juxtapose to the title when the movie turned out so auditory.


Doing more on Christmas

"He sees you when you're sleeping. He knows when you're awake. He knows when you've been bad or good. So be good for goodness sake!" Carolling, mistletoes, oversized gingerbread man, white glittered reindeers, bauble filled 100 ft trees, Santa Rinas... Continue Reading →

Gila Gula Melaka Beer @ Taps Beer Bar, 1 Mont Kiara

The long awaited Gula Melaka based beer has finally arrived!! It was a good 3 weeks, and I can finally get my hands on it. "In September 2016, two beer geeks from Taps Beer Bar travelled to Tokyo, Japan to... Continue Reading →

Paying it forward in Hoi An

May it be a meal at Streets Restaurant Cafe, cycling 4 hours with the Free Hoi An Tour, or a teapot from Reaching Out, I left Hoi An feeling re-energised, inspired and meaningfully connected to the good work the locals do.

Entrepreneur hacks #1

Do yourself a favour. Make a commitment today and follow through the things you started.

Wine Fiesta 2016 @ Bangsar, Malaysia

The weather was chilly, partly cloudy. "I better head out early before it starts to pour", I thought to myself. I have an exciting day ahead - my first wine fiesta! The organisers, Straits Wine Company, claims this to be the... Continue Reading →

Harmony (2015 film)

Brexit. Trump's win. The National Harmony Act. First world problems. Developing nation's issues. What does it mean to be a society? What does it mean to be human?

Travel tricks #1

Learn to relocate & save so much more!

Viva L’Italia @ Bottega Mediterranea

As Munchkin and I stepped out of our GrabCar, we were almost immediately greeted by a Bottega staff. We carefully maneuvered our way through the tightly packed seating area and to our assigned table. This is our first Bottega's monthly "Saturday Mingle" (an... Continue Reading →

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