If you are keen on getting your first medical insurance, be sure to :

  1. hold off any comprehensive health screenings until your application is approved and after the cooling period has ended.
  2. annual premiums are still reasonably priced so long as you obtain it before the age of 40. However, obtaining a plan earlier on is better – it is cheaper, you are likely to have a cleaner bill of health and a lower chance of having the application rejected.
  3. if worried about affordability or thinking of working/migrating overseas in future, obtain a cheap medical coverage first. You can always change to a more comprehensive coverage later on or stop paying without losing too much. Most importantly, you want to be in the system early because the medical/health disclosure form needs to be completed only once.
  4. it is OK to meet several insurance agents and obtain different quotations from different companies. Never feel pressured to accept a coverage you are uncertain or uncomfortable with.
  5. finally, always do your own research of available plans/companies and discuss your personal circumstances with your insurance agent. The suitability of any plan differs on a case-by-case basis.