“Finish what you started!”

How many times have you started a project or that great idea you’ve had, and for some reason, you STOP!

I’ve experienced this countless of times, and really, it has gotten me nowhere.

If you’re like me (I get 100 new ideas everyday and have missed train stops because of them), then you know the roller coaster of emotions this entails – plenty of excitement at the start, enthusiasm slows down towards the middle and before you know it, the entire project comes to an abrupt death.

Hence, the saying:

“Ideas are cheap, execution is everything.”

This is why we need to change our mindsets.

Imagine the scenario where your car has broken down in the middle of the road and you had to push it to safety. Remember how the initial push was always the hardest? But once the car begins to roll, only minimal effort was needed.

Similarly, in the entrepreneur world, those who succeed are the ones who have the determination, perseverance and strength to continue pursuing their goals and dreams. They are consistent, creative, motivated and never give up during the tough times.

So do yourself a favour. Make a commitment today (this can be your 2017 resolution!) and follow through the things you started.

Take control, plan, face your challenges head-on, and you will begin to see results.