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Gila Gula Melaka Beer @ Taps Beer Bar, 1 Mont Kiara

The long awaited Gula Melaka based beer has finally arrived!! It was a good 3 weeks, and I can finally get my hands on it. "In September 2016, two beer geeks from Taps Beer Bar travelled to Tokyo, Japan to... Continue Reading →


Paying it forward in Hoi An

May it be a meal at Streets Restaurant Cafe, cycling 4 hours with the Free Hoi An Tour, or a teapot from Reaching Out, I left Hoi An feeling re-energised, inspired and meaningfully connected to the good work the locals do.

Wine Fiesta 2016 @ Bangsar, Malaysia

The weather was chilly, partly cloudy. "I better head out early before it starts to pour", I thought to myself. I have an exciting day ahead - my first wine fiesta! The organisers, Straits Wine Company, claims this to be the... Continue Reading →

Viva L’Italia @ Bottega Mediterranea

As Munchkin and I stepped out of our GrabCar, we were almost immediately greeted by a Bottega staff. We carefully maneuvered our way through the tightly packed seating area and to our assigned table. This is our first Bottega's monthly "Saturday Mingle" (an... Continue Reading →

Sheesh Mahal @ ss15 Subang

I recently met up with Munchkin, who has been persuading me to try this place for a while now. When we reached the restaurant at 6pm, we were greeted by 4 waiters and an empty restaurant. What was more worrying is that they had... Continue Reading →

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