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聲の形 A Silent Voice (2016 movie)

A Silent Voice blew me away with its dynamics. The use of sound, music and volume for its scenes. This arrangement was (to me) flawless. I thought it was a juxtapose to the title when the movie turned out so auditory.


Harmony (2015 film)

Brexit. Trump's win. The National Harmony Act. First world problems. Developing nation's issues. What does it mean to be a society? What does it mean to be human?

Coming soon: Communist-themed cafe?

"Hey, what do you think if we brought Cong ca phe to KL?" "Oh sure. We can name it Chin Peng. Have branch outlets even." Stay tuned to the upcoming write up on our recent trip to Vietnam!

Weekly fun tips #1

Things to consider before getting your first medical insurance

LOL: Fat momma

Your momma so fat, she gave diabetes, diabetes!  

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