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Coming soon: Communist-themed cafe?

"Hey, what do you think if we brought Cong ca phe to KL?" "Oh sure. We can name it Chin Peng. Have branch outlets even." Stay tuned to the upcoming write up on our recent trip to Vietnam!


Weekly fun tips #1

Things to consider before getting your first medical insurance

Traveling between KL & Penang – bus or plane?

I had to make a day trip to Penang recently for a job interview. As this was a solo journey, I was hesitant to drive 4 hours each way on my own. I began looking up alternatives - buses, trains, planes and... Continue Reading →

Sheesh Mahal @ ss15 Subang

I recently met up with Munchkin, who has been persuading me to try this place for a while now. When we reached the restaurant at 6pm, we were greeted by 4 waiters and an empty restaurant. What was more worrying is that they had... Continue Reading →

LOL: Fat momma

Your momma so fat, she gave diabetes, diabetes!  

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